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South Central Pullers Association
General Rules
President:                          Jimmy Cook                        Cell:  270-776-2891
Vice President                  Brandon Cook                    Cell:  270-776-2325


     One (1) million dollar liability policy through Charles Moore Insurance Agency.
Carb Class Motorcycle Class                                 1200 lbs.
750 CC Motorcycle Class                                        1250 lbs.
Big Motor Small Tire Motorcycle Class               1300 lbs.
Light Outlaw Motorcycle Class                             1400 lbs.
Heavy Outlaw Motorcycle Class                          1450 lbs.
1850# Small Tire Mini-rod Class                            1850 lbs.      
1950# Mini-rod Class                                              1950 lbs.
2050# Mini-rod Class                                              2050 lbs.
Entry Fees:
$20.00 per hook fee
Points Breakdown:
1st place -  9 points
2nd place - 7 points
3rd place -  5 points
4th place -  4 points
5th place -  3 points
6th place - 2 points
7th place and below - 1 point
** Club member receives 1 Point for participation at each pull.

Tractor must pull a minimum of 50ft. to place in the money pulls.  All pullers that attend a pull with their tractor and have mechanical problems and are unable to pull will still receive a last place point.  Any puller that pulls and is disqualified will receive a last place point for showing.

Cost of Booking Pulls:
Fair pulls:
Their are 6 classes.
This fee covers: Sled Transportation, Scale Fee, Liability Insurance and Purse Payout.

Benefit and Other Pulls:
Price negotiable according to the needs of the individual organization.

Tractors:          1st Place
                       2nd Place
                       3rd Place

Hook fee pulls will pay 50% payback to the top three places.  
Payouts will be paid at the end of the pull.

Class Pulling Order:

Carb Class Open CC Motorcycle Class
Fuel Injection Motorcycle Class
1850# Small Tire Mini-rod Class
Big Motor Small Tire Motorcycle Class
Light Outlaw Motorcycle Class
1950# Mini-rod Class
Heavy Outlaw Motorcycle Class
2050# Mini-rod Class

Club Proceedings:
1. Officers shall be elected every year.
            Officers include: President, Vice President &  Secretary/Treasurer.

2. Technical/Safety committee shall be appointed by the president and will include the president and vice president with one vote each.  Any rule change must be voted on by the committee first, then bought before the membership and board of directors for a final vote. This committee will be judge and jury for all pulls.  This committee will be allowed to tech any and all tractors/ trucks at any time during an association event.

3. Track and Promotional Committee will make all decisions concerning track preparations and pull cancellations due to weather. This committee will also be responsible for making sure  promotional material and announcer are in place for each event.

4. Tractor driver minimum age is 10 years old. Drivers age 10 years to 15 years without three years minimum experience  may only pull in the 4 cylinder stock class. Drivers under the age of 18 must have written permission from parent or legal guardian, show proof of age (birth certificate) and sign a legal waiver.

5. Seat belts are required by all pullers. Drivers must remain seated during a pull and have complete control of their tractor/truck at all times, both on and off the track. There is to be no jerking of the clutch or bouncing on the seat at any time during the pull.

6. No riders on tractors or in trucks while pulling or being towed.

7. All drivers must wear shirt, shoes and ankle length pants while pulling. (Drivers using alcohol fuel must wear fire approved driving suit).

8. One hand must remain on the steering wheel at all times.

9. No smoking while tractor/truck is hooked to sled.

10. All pulls must start with a tight chain (NO JERKING)

11. No hot dogging, hot rodding, etc. while on or off the track. This will cause automatic disqualification.

12. All drivers shall have both hands in the air while being hooked to or unhooked from the sled.

13. A full pull will be 300 feet unless otherwise determined by track officials. (Depending on track length available).
14. Flagman will be in control of class. Tractor/truck must stop immediately when given signal. (Red Flag)

15. Engine warm up is allowed but no unnecessary revving of engines will be allowed.

16. No tractor/truck shall be left unattended  with engine running.

17. Puller has three (3) minutes to answer his call to the sled or be dropped to the end of the class.

18. All tractors/truck should have identifying name on them.

19. Tractors/trucks should be neat and clean for each pull.

20. All entries should be paid one (1) hour prior to the start of the pull.

21. All tractors must weigh immediately before each pull.  No fuel, weights or air pressure adjustments can be made after being weighed in.  Weight cannot be moved after weigh in without notifying pull official or tech committee member prior to doing so.  Failure to abide by this rule will result in disqualification. Disqualified tractors/truck will lose all place points. Helmet and drivers suit will be included in weight.

22. Anyone wanting to drop out of a class after enterilng may do so before that class begins.  Once the class begins the fee will not be refunded except in cases of rainout or sled failure.
            A.  A class is considered to be complete if at least half of the tractors in that class  
                  have pulled.
            B.  Prize money and points will be given to the top pullers in accordance to
                   payout and  points system.  The remaining entries will be refunded their entry
                   fee and receive equal points starting with the next position. (Example: Four of
                   eight tractors have pulled, they will received first through fourth place.  The
                   remaining tractors will all get fifth place points.

23. Only committee members will be allowed to cancel classes or events once it has begun. The decision made by majority rules.

24.  Any of the three (3) Tech/Safety committee members has the authority to disqualify a contest that fails to meet safety rules.
25.  All tractors are subject to teardown at any time throughout the year.  Any tractor owner or driver of this association may protest any tractor/truck in the same class he or she competes in by putting up $100.00 in protest money.  (Exception: after the majority vote of the tech committee members, president and vice president a teardown can be called without the protest fee). If Drivers/Owner of protested tractor/truck is found legal the owner of the protested tractor/truck may keep the protest money.  If the tractor/truck is found illegal the protester keeps the protest money. An illegal tractor/truck will forfeit all points for the last pull competed in and prize money.  An illegal tractor/truck will be barred from the next two (2) events.  The owner or mechanic will tear down the engine.  The president, vice president, tech committee members, owner, driver and protesting puller will be the only ones allowed at the teardown. (No spectators) The protester had 30 minutes after the class to protest his/her class.  If the driver/owner does not put up the money they will be done for the season.  No refunds of any fees paid ie. Membership or insurance etc.

26.  Obvious or excessive consumption of alcohol will be grounds for disqualification. Any owner/driver who assaults or threatens any official or person on the grounds will be disqualified for the day and barred from the next two (2) pulls for the first offense. The second offense they will barred for the rest of the pulling season.  Final decision will be made by the board of directors.

27. Positively no drugs will be tolerated at any time.

28.  If any part of the tractor/truck goes out of bounds the driver will be disqualified.  If the sled goes out of bounds but the tractor does not it is still a good pull.  Pull will be measured from the center of the sled pan.

29. All drivers are required to wear DOT approved helmets.

30. All tractors burning alcohol are required to wear drivers fire suit and helmets with face shield.

31. Any pull beyond the last measured stake will be considered a full pull or through pull. (Except in the event of a floating finish line)

32. Sled operator can use brakes to stop a tractor or use kill safety switch in emergencies if they feel the tractor is out of control.  Sled operators discretion to be used.
33. Any contestant not pulling to the fifty (50) foot stake will be allowed a 2nd attempt .The 2nd attempt measurement will stand no matter what the distance. (Exception: Mechanical problems on the first pull.  The puller can drop to the rear of the class before making the second attempt, but will only be allowed that one attempt)  To qualify for money any tractor/truck must pull a minimum of fifty feet. Points only will be given for pulls less than 50 feet.

34. First puller of each class has the option to refuse footage of that pull. Driver may repull at that time or drop to the rear of the class. Driver must give the thumbs up or down to indicate his/her decision before going off the pulling track.  If driver fails to indicate his/her decision it will be assumed that they accept that pull.

35. All tractors must have adequate fenders and foot rests as outlined in tractor specifications.

36. All tractors/trucks must be equipped with kill switches outlined in tractor/truck specifications.

37. All drivers and crews are asked to maintain a clean cut professional image while at pulls.  (This includes language. After all this is a family sport!)

38. All prize money will be available for pick up after the last tractor/truck  has pulled. Drivers  only will pick up prize money. If prize money is not picked up the day of the pull, the money will be kept until the next pull. If not picked up at that pull the money will be forfeited back to the association bank account.

39. Only driver and one (1) crew member will be allowed in the staging area or arena. No spectators, extra crew members or family will be allowed in this area.  They will be asked to leave one time.  If persons do not leave at that time the drivers will be disqualified.  Disqualification will be at the discretion of the tech/safety committee.  Area to be designated and roped off at drivers meeting of each pull.

For more information please see our Contact Us page.