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Motorcycle Engine “Tractor” Specifications

Carb Class - 1200 lbs

750 Class - 1250 lbs

Big Motor Small Tire - 1300 lbs (26x12x12)

Light Outlaw Class - 1400 lbs (34x18 max)

Heavy Outlaw Class - 1450 lbs (34x18 max)



1.  Tractor length will be eight (8) feet total including weights in length but excluding wheelie bars in measurement.


2. Tractors must have break-away kill switch.


3. From Center of back axle to end of wheelie bar pad will be minimum of eighteen (18) inches to maximum twenty-two (22) inches.


4. Wheelie bars must not let front end of tractor come up any higher than eighteen (18) inches from bottom of tire to the ground.


5. Rear weights must stay within wheelie bar boundaries and not interfere in sled hook-up or kill switch hook-up.


6. Tractors must be two wheel drive only.


7. Tractors must have working brakes and rear fenders.


8. Weight or weight brackets cannot be any higher than handle bar or steering wheel.


9. All tractors must be 1200 lb only. Must be snowmobile, motorcycle or ATV engine only.


10. Maximum tire size is 26 in. X 12 in. X 12in.

       Carb 750 cc & Big Motor Small Tire

     Light Outlaw & Heavy Outlaw - Tire size is 34 x18.


11. Exhaust must be pointed in rearward, downward or upward position, not toward the spectators.


12.If burning alcohol, fireproof drivers suits must be worn.


13. Weights must be secured. Any weight falling off during pull will result in disqualification for that pull.  No moveable weights. Weights cannot interfere with hooking or unhooking of sled or kill switch.


14. Wheelie bars are required and must be adequate to support the weight of the tractor.


15. No dual wheels, chains or studded tires.


16. All riders must wear DOT approved motorcycle helmets.


17. All guards, shields and rear fenders must be in place.


18. All chains must be covered to prevent them from going into the spectators if they break.


19. Shifting gears either hydrostatic, automatic or gear types are permitted as long as forward motion of sled does not stop.


20. Foot or hand throttles are acceptable but with no wires, chains, strings or tarp straps.


21. No portion of the tractor can interfere with the sled hook-up or kill switch hook-up.


22. Hitches must be accessible from rear of tractor to make hook-up to sled easy.  All hitches must be located behind the rear axle of the tractor and must be rigid. No moving hitches are permitted. Bolted or welded solid mount designs. Hitch eyelet must be parallel with the ground. Maximum hitch height is thirteen (13) inches. Maximum hitch length from the center of rear axle to center of hole is four (4) inches. Hitch hole must be 3/4 inch or larger is required to hook.


23. All riders must remain in seated position and in complete control with both hands on handle bars or at least one hand on steering wheel at all times. All riders must keep feet on foot pegs at all times until flagman officially ends the pull.


All Motorcycle engine “tractors “ must also follow the general rules of the South Central Pullers Association.


For more information please see our Contact Us page.