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Tractor Specifications

4, 6 & 8 Cylinders


1. Tractors are to be powered by automotive piston driven engines not to exceed 410 cubic inches.

2. After market aluminum and cast iron heads will be allowed if of stock design, mass produced and factory produced on V-8 engines. Small block only.

3. No fuel injections, turbo chargers or super chargers NOT allowed

4. No blowers or 204 tunnel ram intakes. Can run aluminum after market intakes for 4-barrel carburetors. No sheet metal intakes.

5. Single carburetor of any size. Natural aspiration only.

6. All tractors will be equipped with minimum 2.5 lb. Dry chemical fire extinguisher in working order and in reach of the driver while seated.

7. Maximum tire size:

            1850 lb class    34.0 x 15.5

            1950 lb class    18.4 x 16.1

            2050 lb class    18.4 x 16.1     

            13.5 x 15.5 tires can be used in all classes

8. Maximum overall length of tractor including weights is 8ft. From center of rear axle to further point forward.

9. Wheel base maximum width of 7 ft. outside of rear tired (tire to tire)

10. All tractors must be equipped with skid type devices (wheelie bars) To prevent tipover (No wheels or rolling devices will be allowed) Wheelie bars can not be attached to the hitch in any way. Wheelie bars can not interfere with hitching point or sled.  Wheelie bars will be equipped with minimum 3 in. By 5 in. skid pads, with a minimum of 12 in. apart. Wheelie bars must be adequate enough to support complete weight of the tractor. See detail attached.

11. All tractors must be equipped with positive action, solid rotor automotive design steering with minimum of 1/4 turn play of free travel, no chain or cable steering allowed.

12. All tracotrs will be required to have engine kill safety switch capable of killing engine in case of chain breakage or hitch breakage. Kill switch to be located 1 inch center of hook point and must have 1.5 inch ring for connection to the sled.  A separate dead man safety kill switch will be required on tractors not equipped with seatbelt. This shall consist to the driver to kill the engine if the driver is thrown off or falls off the tractor.

13. All tractors must have adequate brakes for the size of the tractor. Brakes must be in good working order.

14. Exhaust must discharge upward (vertically) within 10 degrees pf plumb.  No rain caps.

15. Racing fuel allowed up to but not exceed 750 specific gravity. No pre-pressurized tank, no nitrous-methane, no nitrous-oxide. Alcohol may be used but fire suit is required.

16. All weights must be mechanically secured to the tractor in a safe area and must not exceed rearward beyond tires or eighteen (18) inches beyond center of rear axle.  No rubber cords, string, wire, etc. will be allowed to hold weights on tractor.

17. Any part or object lost on the track during a pull will result in a disqualification. (Weights, cigarettes, etc.

18. All hitches shall be steel, rigid in all directions with opening horizontal to the ground. The point where the sled chain is hooked to drawbar must be behind center of rear wheels.  No aluminum hitches.

19. The only aluminum components that can be used are wheels, frame and intake.  Aluminum rearends and transmissions are allowed.

20. No weights to be hung in a manner above or beside hitch that will interfere with the hooking or unhooking of sled chain.

21. No encumbering brackets can be used on hitches that can give puller an advantage over other tractors.

22. Maximum hitch height on all tractor classes will be 13 inches  from the ground.

23. No dual wheels, four wheel drive, narrow front ends, chains or recapped tires allowed in any class.

24. Front wheels should track within the tracks of rear wheels.

25. All tractors must have seat with adequate backrest.

26. Tractors shall be clean of oil, fuel, etc. that may be a potential fire hazard. (Tech/Safety committee discretion.)

27. All automatic transmissions, u-joints, exposed drive train parts and automatic flywheels must be shielded with scatter blankets, 3/16 inch steel 360 degrees, SFI approved scatter shield, 3/16 steel or 1/4 inch aluminum.

28. All manual shift flywheels must be steel or billet must be contained in explosion proof bell housing, 3/16 inch steel or 1/4 inch aluminum. Manual transmissions and u-joints must be covered with 3/16 inch steel or equivalent floor pans or shields.

29. Harmonic balancers must be shielded 360 degrees with minimum 3/16 inch steel and have adequate retainer to prevent forward loss.

30. All chain drives must be shielded 360 degrees with minimum 3/16 inch steel. Any drive shafts must be shielded 360 degrees with a minimum 3/16 inch steel.

31. No engine driven cooling fan allowed. All belt driven water pumps must be shielded 360 degrees one (1) inch wide with 1/16 inch minimum steel shroud to be no more than one (1) inch away from belt.

32. All throttles on tractors must be designed forward open, rearward closed and be self returning to idle when released. All throttles must have adequate springs to return throttle without aid of driver.

33.  All tractors must have engine side plates 1/16 inch steel or 1/8 inch aluminum installed three (3) inches above top of crankshaft and two (2) inches below.

34. All tractors must have adequate fenders between drivers and rear wheels at any point to prevent driver from coming in contact with tires at any time while sitting in seat. Legs and feet must also be included in shielding.

35. All tractors with automatic transmissions must have reverse lockout device.

36. All tractors must have a neutral start switch to prevent tractor from starting in gear.

37. All mini rod tractors must have roll bars. Roll bars must consist of 2 bars over the driver and 2 bars behind the driver. All bars must be secured to the tractor frame.

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